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Seeking out mental health treatment is a supreme active valor. It takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge when anxiety and PTSD are causing your life to be unmanageable. We all need someone to bear witness to what it means to be human. Thank you for considering me as someone to walk down the path of healing with you.


Becca Flatt


Mental Health Therapist 

Hello, I'm Becca. I provide culturally competent and culturally humble mental health services. I specifically specialize in Black, African-American, Biracial, and Multiracial mental health. My other main focus of practice is providing mental health services for transracial adoptees (15+).I specialize in working with adoption-related complex truama, secondary rejection, search & reunion, parenting as an adoptee, Tokophobia (Phobia of pregnancy), adoptee oppression, racial identity formation, and Internalized oppression.  

My personal counseling style is warm, collaborative, nonjudgmental, and eclectic. I am an adoption-competent therapist. I draw from system theories, mindfulness, polyvagal theory, psychological development theory, Black feminist theory, and attachment theory.

“Life is a journey, not a destination. There are no mistakes, just chances we take. So lay down your regrets, because all we have is now.”― India.Arie

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