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Psychiatric Service Dog

Get to Know Imani the Psychiatric SD



About My Education 

I've trained my whole life to be a service dog. I graduated from the service dog program at Loyalty Service Dogs ( Mesquite, NV ) in August of 2023. I was 3 years old when I graduated. Becca and I have been a team since 8/25/2023.















My Job

I take my job very seriously and actively ignore others who are not Becca. I do my best, and sometimes I make mistakes; please help support me by ignoring me right back when you have sessions with Becca. Please, don't make eye contact with me, try to talk to me, or try to pet me. I am not a therapy dog who provides support to many people; my job is to help Becca only. During sessions, I will lie under Becca's desk. I am not supposed to interrupt your work, as you are Becca's primary focus. 



























On a more Personal Note...

When it's time to be done for the day or take a break, I am all about destroying toys with squeakers in them, playing fetch until Becca's arm feels like it's going to fall off, playing tag, and I get very excited and drool everywhere when it's food time. I go on four five-minute walks a day to help keep me focused and ready to tackle tasks. I have a purple tail, which I get done by a professional groomer who only uses doggie-safe dyes. My tail, also known as my "Feather Duster," is dyed because it makes me more easily identifiable if someone decides to steal me. 




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