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Consultation & Fees

Professional Consultations

Adoptee Focused Individual Professional Consultation 

This is for professionals who want to increase their competencies around working with adoptees.

Single Provider Consultation 

1 hour $200

Package of 4 discount:10% off

Package of 8: 20% off

Paperwork Review & Consultation

Adoptees face microaggressions in multiple aspects of their lives. Your intake paperwork as a medical provider, mental health clinician, or other health care professional may contribute to the problem. Most professionals and institutions are unaware of the mental pain and anguish that can be created for adoptees as they answer questions on intake forms. Let our paperwork review and consultation package help you address this issue.


These services will help adoptees feel seen and heard in the intake process and allow for more engagement in meeting their needs. Our flat rate fee includes reviewing intake paperwork and assessment forms, suggested edits/comments, a one-hour presentation of findings and suggestions, and online consultation time to review related information.  


Single Provider Paperwork Review & Consultation  

$800 Flat rate fee (4 hours)

+250 Per additional Hour


Group Practice Paperwork Review & Consultation   

$1800 Flat rate fee (6 hours) 

+$350 Per additional Hour


Non-profit Rate

$3000 flat rate fee (8 hours)

 +$425 per additional hour


Corporate Rate

$4800 flat rate (8 Hours)

 +$650 per additional hour   

Non-Professional Consultation 

Please Read

 Consultation is not a substitute for mental health therapy. If you are a transracial adoptee seeking mental health services and are a resident of Oregon, please visit the Request an Appointment page here. This consultation service is provided to help consumers navigate specific situations and will not result in providing or treating any mental health diagnosis. Your consultant may provide resources, advice, and space to discuss the specific topic you are consulting about. Your consultants' lived experience will be part of the consultation process. Consultation services can be provided across state and country lines as they are not mental health services. If you need help with a subject identified below, please reach out.


Adoptee Consultations 


Individual Adoptee Estrangement Consultation 

This is for adoptees navigating estrangement in their adoption constellations: estrangement from their birth family, adoptive family members, siblings, extended family, chosen family, and friends. Let's work to define what estrangement means to you. You will be provided with support and compassion as you navigate the sometimes uncharted waters of estrangement. You will also be provided with resources and tools to help you navigate estrangement. 


 Individual Adoptee

1 hour: $150

Package of 4 discounts: 20% off

Package of 8: 25% off

Adoptee Navigation of Search, Reunion, & Relationship 

This consultation service is for adoptees entering the process of search, reunion, and relationship with birth family members. 

1 hour: $150

Package of 4 discounts: 20% off

Package of 8: 25% off

Adoptive Parent Consultations 


Adoptive Parent Estrangement Consultation 

For adoptive parents who are navigating estrangement or working towards the prevention of estrangement from adoptive adult children. Many adoptive parents feel blindsided by estrangement initiated by adult adoptees. It can be isolating, scary, and emotionally exhausting. It may feel like you have poured your all into your children, and now they are tossing all that love and time away without giving you a chance. Or you feel you are too old to start doing the work they are asking you to participate in. 

The truth is that no one is too old to learn new ways of being. There is always a chance to change and grow. You will receive thoughtful and tailored consultation regarding your needs. 


This is a space for you to be met with compassion, empathy, and understanding and to access information, insight, and tools to help navigate the rough waters of estrangement.  This is also a chance to learn about adoptee critical thought to help you give you insight into what is happening. 


$300 1 hour

Package of 4 10% off

Package of 8 20% off


Adoptive Parent: Search, Reunion,& Relationship Consultation

This consultation service is for adoptive parents whose adoptive children are entering the process of search, reunion,& relationship (SR&R) with birth family members. This is a space for you to discuss the many everyday experiences that come up for adoptive parents when adoptive children find their biological family. This is the space for you to learn to navigate SR&R with them without damaging your relationship with your adopted child.   


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